Deck Stairs in Scottdale, GA

A lot of homeowners in Scottdale, GA choose to have deck stairs put in with their wooden, composite, or vinyl deck. Not only can these stairs be built of materials to match the rest of the deck, they're also an incredibly important safety feature for your friends and family. When building deck stairs at your home, our professionals will be sure to follow IRC building requirements to make sure that everything is up to code. Learn more about our deck stair building services.

Deck Builders in Scottdale 30079

Our deck builders located in Scottdale 30079 can help you build your new deck and will also work with you and our deck designers to plan a staircase that is useful and will help all members of your family to safely go from the deck to your lawn or from an upper deck to a lower deck. We will also put in guard rails along the stairs to protect people from falling off the side of the stairs and injuring themselves.

Our professional deck deck designers and builders know the proper safety regulations to follow when building your deck stairs. The minimum width of the stairs is 36" and the maximum height for one set of deck stairs is 7-3/4". The minimum recommended rise for the stairs is 4'.

Deck Stair Repair in 30079

Since these deck stairs are outside, they're going to get exposed to the sun, rain, and other elements, and because of this, you may need deck stair repair to take care of damage. A lot of homeowners spend a considerable amount of time outside on their deck, but they likely don't know what to look for on their deck stairs which could indicate some type of damage.

However, a deck inspection will help you to understand if your deck stairs need any kind of repair or replacement work. We see a lot of deck stairs which are damaged from wood rot because of excessive moisture underneath or on top of the stairs on the surface. Also, the stability of the stairs will be checked to make sure there aren't any loose or wobbly boards which could cause a family member to slip and fall.

Regardless of what kind of deck stair repair you need, our deck builders can help. Please give us a call to learn more about our deck repair services or to schedule a consultation or inspection with our professionals.