Deck Inspection in Dunwoody, GA

You will need a regular deck inspection to make sure that you new home addition in Dunwoody, GA is in great shape. The most common problem with residential decks are problems with rot and bug damage. Our deck inspectors have been thoroughly evaluating decks in the Dunwoody area for many years now and we guarantee that we can help you make sure that your deck is safe and secure.

Deck Inspectors in Dunwoody 30338

During the evaluation of your home, our deck inspectors will check the wood by probing it with special tools. If the tools are able to easily penetrate the wood, then it's very likely that you have an issue with rot or with insects, such as termites. Wood rot and termite damage is common problem in Dunwoody 30338 found below the deck and on railings, stairs, and floor joists. This wood rot is usually caused from the deck being in too close of contact with soil, or if there's an abundant amount of moisture found underneath the decking. To help prevent this wood/soil contact, it's recommended that you have the wooden posts secured with concrete blocks to prevent the soil contact altogether.

Here at Deck Builder America we provide thorough deck inspections for surface damage from the sun. The floor of your deck should be around 2 inches thick. If there are severe areas of wear and tear from the sun's rays, they may need to be repaired or replaced. Your deck flooring should be durable and secure enough to not flex or bend when someone is walking on top of it or if something heavy, like deck furniture, is placed on it. We will also check the deck flooring boards to make sure they aren't butted too close to one another. There needs to be enough space to allow water to pass through. Trapped moisture could lead to wood rot.

Your guard rails will also be examined to make sure that they are secure and provide protection for your family and other guests. Any deck which is 30 inches above the ground will need to have guard railing in place. They're also required on any open sides of stairs. We will check for areas of rot, missing pieces, or unfastened or wobbly boards.

Deck Restoration in Georgia

If your deck's flooring, guard rails, support beams, floor joists, or stairs are in need of repair, Deck Builders USA can provide you with deck restoration services. Our deck company have helped repair and restore thousands of decks in the Dunwoody, Georgia area, and we are ready to help you next! We have a company of professionals who know how to help damaged areas match the rest of your deck in style and color.