Deck Arbors in Stone Mountain, GA

Deck arbors are a shade feature which can be added to most types of decks in Stone Mountain. They are often supported by 2 wooden or vinyl beams (based on what material your deck is made out of). Arbors are similar to pergolas, but they are typically less enclosed. Often, these areas are great for hanging plants or a nice spot to sit a bench or table. Our deck builders have been designing and constructing arbors for many years now in the Stone Mountain area. Learn more about arbors for your home.

Arbor Builders Stone Mountain 30083

Our arbor builders in Stone Mountain 30083 will work with you to plan an area that will match perfectly with the rest of your deck. We can install extra decking, railings, stairs, planters, benches, or other deck additions to make this new area unique. We can build the arbor out of treated lumber, cedar, redwood, cypress, pine, mahogany, vinyl, or from any other kind of deck building material you've used on the rest of the deck.

Arbor Design in Georgia

Our arbor design professionals can help you build an arched, attached, garden, fan, or any other kind of custom arbor you're envisioning. We have built hundreds of arbors in the Stone Mountain area, and our professionals will work one-on-one with you to build a beautiful, durable, deck addition which will fit into your budget.

These deck arbors are a huge hit with garden and plant aficionados. You are able to grow beautiful hanging plants with the arbor, or you could have a trellis built for vine-type plants. Imagine yourself on a nice spring or summer day, sitting out on your deck, and watching your gorgeous, healthy plants glowing in the sunlight! How relaxing!

You could also use this new deck addition to surround your hot tub. Again, think how relaxing it would be after a long day of work to climb into your hot tub and watch your hanging plants swaying in the breeze on your deck arbor! You could also put a table in this area for your family, friends, and guests to sit at during a barbecue or get-together.

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